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Improvising is an approach to an activity aiming to trace a logic through a period of time. Often, improvisation reacts from something, it being placed within a container, a prior conceit providing a framework from which to act. How does one go about thinking such a prior framework and to what extent does this framework and subsequent improvisation require skill, and if so, what skills might these be and how are they generative of emancipation?

Further, capitalist saturation and self-interest as the condition and motor of festering inequality necessitates us to ask whether and how spontaneous logic formation can gain traction on these entrenchments and such injunctions to 'express ourselves'? If there were to be a proliferation of idiosyncratic concepts and approaches, this would require that when considering the things put forth, we develop a facility to sympathise and empathise with a greater range of stimulus, and more crucially, formulate rigorous logics therefrom. But would this be a formation nurturing a pluralism leading to a communality of experiences over a pluralism leading to alienation, or just a further naturalising of capitalism?

Ray Evanoff | Philip Gurrey | Kerstin Juhlin | Sandra Mujinga | Magnhild Øen Nordahl | Eamon O’Kane | Ben Watson | B. W. Betts | Alexander Bogdanov | Ray Brassier | Endnotes | Edwin Ray Guthrie | Joseph Kudirka | Gertrude Stein

Grafters' Quarterly issue 1 was launched in September 2014 at Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, Norway.